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We are one of the most leading manufacturers of dairy ingredients includes coagulants. We are active in the worldwide market through representing our ENZYMAKS® products. ENZYMAKS® is available in two different forms: Tablet and Powder (Granulate), with high quality and different activities which suit various applications and markets. Our products are applicable for home, farm, and industrial cheese making.

Market Product name Type / activity Product Code Packaging

Liters milk
ENZYMAKS® 1T/10L Tablet / 1 tablet
for 10 liters Milk
A108 10 tablets in 1 leaf

Liters milk
ENZYMAKS® 1g/25L Powder / 1 gram
for 25 liters Milk
A104 25 gram metal tin
A101 100 gram metal tin
ENZYMAKS® 1T/50L Tablet / 1 tablet
for 50 liters Milk
A111 10 tablets in 1 leaf

Liters milk
ENZYMAKS® 1g/100L   Powder / 1 gram
for 100 liters Milk
A107 1 gram sachet
A105 25 gram metal tin
A103 100 gram metal tin
A109 500 gram plastic tin
ENZYMAKS® 1T/100L Tablet / 1 tablet
for 100 liters Milk
A110 10 tablets in 1 leaf