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FAQ on Cheese Making
How much milk do I need to make cheese?
Usually the yield of cheese depends on the type of cheese and how much moisture is left in the cheese, Typically 10 liters of cow's milk is needed to make 1 kg of hard cheese., 4 liters of milk makes approx. 500-700 grams of Feta or mozzarella (fresh) cheese, 2 liters of milk will make approx. 500 grams of cream cheese
My cheese is too salty, what can I do?
Because you store the cheese in a brine solution, it is easy to over salt it. If you find that it is too salty, simply put the cheese in some milk. The milk will draw out the salt and make it more palatable.
What is the best milk for cheese making?
It will be better if you supply the milk directly from farm, fresh milk will yield more, if farm’s milk is not available, you can use pasteurized milk for cheese making.UHT or Long life milk is not recommended for general cheese making.
Can I use UHT or ultra pasteurized milk for cheese making?
UHT or Long life milk is not recommended for cheese making
Can I use herbs to flavor my cheese?
Yes you can add herbs to your cheese; we recommend that you use dried herbs.
Should I heat the milk after adding rennet?
You don’t need to heat the milk after adding rennet. When you are getting curd (45-60 minute), milk’s temperature comes a bit down that is not considerable.
How can I make flavored cheese by herbs, walnut,Caraway and …?
After getting curd, when you want to put curd in textural filter, to drain it, you can add herbs and walnut to it.
As you mentioned, one Enzymaks rennet tablet 1T/10L, is suitable for 10 liter of milk and half of it, is suitable for 5 liter of milk, what will happen if I use 1 complete tablet for 5 liter of milk?
You can use one tablet for 5 liters of milk and also you can use half of one tablet for 2.5 liter of milk, in these cases, you will get the curd in shorter time and it will be harder.
Can we use Enzymaks rennet tablet for making Mozzarella, Gouda, and other kind of cheeses?
It is possible to make all kind of cheese with this rennet.
Can I use Homogenized milk for cheese making?
Using homogenized milk is fine, however not ideal. When making cheese from homogenized milk you may experience a softer curd which can be broken very easily. To help firm up this curd it is recommended that you add calcium chloride to your milk.
What is the reason if I do not get a clean break?
Leave the cheese a little longer, and see if you get a clean break then. Check your rennet has not expired. If the rennet has expired, the milk may take longer to coagulate, and you may find you have to wait longer.
How long is my rennet good after I have diluted it in water?
You need to use the rennet solution within 20 minutes.
How do I store my rennet tablets?
Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct light (in refrigerator for instance)
I have mould growing on my cheese, what can I do?
If you have foreign mould growing on the exterior surface of your cheese, simply wipe off with a cloth soaked in heavily salted water or vinegar.
Can I make cheese from Soy Milk?
You cannot make soy cheese by usage of this rennet.
How do I cut the tablets?
There is a cross groove on tablet, so you can easily cut it.
Is your rennet Halal and Kosher?
Yes, it is.
Is your rennet suitable for Vegetarians?
Yes, definitely it is.
What is the difference between “making cheese with vinegar/Lemon Juice” and “making cheese with rennet”?
Making cheese with vinegar is Acidic way of cheesemaking and most of Milk proteins stay in whey.
When you use rennet, you follow making cheese with Enzyme and this way is based on science, in this way you save most of proteins in cheese and your cheese will be better. In Industries, for cheese making, rennet is used.
Can we use the rennet for making cheese of Sheep’s, goat’s and camel’s milk?
Yes you can.
What should I do if I swallow Enzymaks rennet tablet by mistake?
Please do not worry, drink plenty of water only.