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Steps in Home Cheese Making

Making Cheese at home- it’s easy!

The craft of cheese making dates back to very old times.  The production of different type of cheeses has similar procedure and it has a general principles. Essentially cheese making is converting milk to cheese by a coagulant.  Looking for your favorite cheese? You can make your own healthy cheese at home very easily. You only need to follow eight steps outline the.basic process of turning milk into cheese
 Steps in cheese making:

Pour the milk into the pot.
Heat the milk to the instructed temperature. (At usual coagulating temperature of 35° C)

Pour heated milk into your cheese vat.

Dissolve an Enzymaks® tablet and a little salt into ½ cup of in cool boiled-water and
stir it into the milk for minimum 2 minutes.

Cover the cheese vat. After 45 to 60 minutes the milk will coagulate.

Once the milk has set and a clean break has been achieved, cut the curd.

Scoop the curd into the filter cloth or colander to drain out the whey. For more hard cheese you can put a weight on the filter to drain further before salting.

Prepare a little salt water depending on your taste. Store the cheese for 12 hours in salt water in the refrigerator. The fresh cheese is ready to eat.

A variety of Cheeses: You can make cheese by any flavor that you love to such as barberry, vegetables, cumin, walnuts, cocoa, and vanilla. In step 7, you can add each of these materials along with the curd into the fabric filter.
Note: It is better to use fresh or pasteurized milk. Do not use UHT (Sterilized) milk.